***During COVID-19 we will aim to complete your reviews over the telephone but will be focussing on those patients who are the most in need****

If you suffer with diabetes we generally like to see you twice a year. As diabetes affects so many different parts of the body it is vitally important that we provide you with the best care and support to improve your sugar levels and control your bloods pressure.

You will receive a text message on or around the month of your birthday inviting you to book an appointment for the treatment room nurses. These nurses will perform various investigations including bloods tests, blood pressure, weight, a foot check and take a urine sample to look at your kidneys.

At the end of these investigations you will be given the opportunity to book into a diabetes group consultation. These group consultations take around 1.5 – 2hrs and take place with 6-12 other patients and a diabetic specialist nurse or a GP. Group consultations have been proven to improve diabetic control more than one-to-one consultations as it gives patients an opportunity to learn from each other. For more information read our Group Consultations Leaflet. Occasionally, you will be booked with a practice nurse instead.

For more information about living with diabetes please look at the Diabetes UK website.