Online Services

What is online booking?

In cooperation with EMIS, our computer supplier, we are providing a service that allows our patients to book cancel or check appointments on the web or via Digital TV. We hope you find it convenient for you, and also give our reception staff more time to deal with other enquires.

What appointments can be booked online?

You should use the internet to book routine appointments with a GP. Emergency appointments and nurse appointments must be booked with a receptionist either by telephone or at the surgery to ensure the correct time is allocated.

Is the system secure?

All communications with the on-line booking web site are encrypted, using high security. Only you can see the personal information you enter. The on-line booking web site is administered at a remote high security site managed by EMIS, not at the practice.

What do I need to do to get started?

You must, of course be registered with the practice. Before you can use this service you will need to obtain an on-line booking registration form, by attending reception in person with a form of ID and requesting from the practice receptionists. This form will then give details for registering and using the on line service. Each patient must apply for themselves. We cannot accept applications on behalf of family members unless under 16 years of age or with written consent.

Compromise of patient number or password

Please contact the surgery if you lose your identification details or believe them to be compromised.

Abuse of the system

Please note the practice reserves the right to block your ability to use the on-line booking facility. The main reasons for doing this would be:

  • Persistent failure to attend appointments made on-line
  • Persistent multiple booking of appointments

Online Repeat Prescriptions

As well as online appointment bookings, we have now set up online prescription requests, in order to register for these services, you would need to bring some photo ID into surgery, the Receptionist will then issue you with a user ID for you to take away and set up at home. (if you have already registered for online bookings, you will now have this additional function too)

Once I have the necessary paperwork what do I do next?

Go to the secure server website via the link at the bottom of this text and enter registration details requested and entering a password.

After registering, log on with your practice ID, Access ID and password in the same format as your registration form. (If the information does not match it will not be accepted) From here you will be able to select the appointment screen and see all available appointments and select and book the required slot or cancel an appointment you have already booked.

When you book an appointment you will receive confirmation immediately. There is no need to confirm these details with the surgery-just arrive promptly on the day!

Book an appointment or order a repeat prescription online.