Women’s Health

At Lawrence Hill Health Centre, our team provide a comprehensive service regarding all aspects of women’s health.


Emergency Contraception

Sexual Health

Come in and discuss confidentially your sexual health, we offer a full range of screening, just make an appointment with any of the team.

Why not pick up a chlamydia screening self-test kit from the trolley outside the treatment room.



We advise on all matters relating to the menopause. This includes problems leading up to the menopause, advice regarding HRT and other alternatives, and also advise on women’s general and sexual health in the years after the menopause.

Urinary Incontinence and Bladder Problems

This is a common problem which affects many women, particularly those who have had children.

We know that women are sometimes embarrassed to come forward with this problem. But there is much we can do to help. Depending on your problem we may be able to offer medication, exercises or local vaginal treatments to support your bladder.