Womenkind lauches new webchat for support

Womankind is an established charity that is run by women for women. We provide a range of services for women with mental health problems in Bristol and the surrounding area and help thousands of women every year to improve their mental health and well-being so they can experience a better quality of life. Since the coronavirus lockdown, we have been delivering and developing our services remotely so we can continue to support women during this difficult time.

The Helpline

The helpline offers confidential listening support to any woman experiencing emotional distress, via telephone or webchat, online.

We would particularly to raise awareness of the Webchat channel as it a new extension to our Helpline Service.

Both the webchat and phone offer free and confidential listening support to any woman (16+) experiencing emotional distress. We would support and signpost a younger girl. Trained volunteers provide a safe space where women can express and explore their feelings without judgement. We can offer women up to 50 minutes, twice per week.

Women often get in touch with the helpline because they feel unable to speak to anyone else. They may disclose historic or recent abuse, feelings of anxiety, depression or isolation, or have experienced a trauma or a bereavement. Whatever they feel or whatever has happened, we will believe them and will be there for them.

Both channels are operated by women who have received comprehensive training in listening skills and on issues relevant to women’s mental health, including depression, anxiety, self harm, suicidal feelings, healthy/unhealthy relationships, sexual violence and all forms of domestic and sexual violence and abuse.

The webchat is available to any woman, but younger women, Deaf/hard of hearing women, or those who are worried about anonymity or being overheard may prefer this option in particular.

Womankind has a particular specialism in providing support to survivors of domestic and sexual violence and abuse.

Telephone Helpline Opening Hours

Mon 10am-12noon / 1pm-3pm / 8pm-10pm

Tue 10am-12noon / 1pm-3pm / 8pm-10pm

Wed 10am-12noon / 1pm-3pm

Thu & Fri 10am-12noon

0345 458 2914

0117 916 6461

Webchat Opening Hours

Mon 1pm-3pm / 8pm-10pm

Tue 10am-12noon / 8pm-10pm

Thu & Fri 10am-12noon

The webchat ‘button’ can be accessed via our website, on the Home, ‘Helpline’, ‘Contact Us’ and ‘Support for Deaf Women’ pages.

For more information about our work and services, please see our Annual Review or visit our website at womankindbristol.org.uk

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