Sick Notes/Fit Notes

Self Certification Sick / Fit Note for less than 7 days

If you have been ill for 7 days or less you don’t need to see a Doctor. You can complete a Self Certification form yourself. However some employers insist on a Doctor’s note regardless. A Doctors note under these circumstances involves a charge.

Many employers have their own self-certification forms. If your employer doesn’t have its own form your can download this Self Certification Form (PDF). Please print it, fill it in and hand it in to your employer. You do not need to see a Doctor.

Sick / Fit Note for more than 7 days

If you are off sick for more than seven days, then you will need a note from your doctor. You will need to see your doctor to obtain a note. This note will give details of the illness or condition and state that you are ‘unfit for work’ until a certain date. Your doctor may need to see you prior to you returning to work in order to ensure that you are fit to work again.

Please complete a sick note request by visiting accuRx and selecting “Admin query”.

For more information on obtaining a ‘Fit note’, please visit to